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Environmental Stewardship Greensboro

Environmental Stewardship Greensboro (ESG), an interfaith volunteer organization, encourages sustainable life-style practices within faith communities and among all residents of Guilford County. ESG believes that caring for the natural world is a spiritual imperative as well as a practical one. ESG seeks to encourage, educate and support faith communities to be environmentally sustainable in their facilities and activities. ESG encourages, educates and supports their members to live sustainably in their homes and daily activities. ESG works in the community, and with other groups, to promote a spiritual understanding of ecological issues and to demonstrate practices that establish a mutually enhancing relationship between the human and non-human realms in all areas of life and living both in places of worship and the greater community.

In 2011, ESG won city-wide recognition by receiving Greensboro Beautiful, Inc.'s annual Ecology Award.

For additional information, click here to download the current flyer giving an overview of ESG.

A study guide for Thomas Berry's book "The Great Work" is available as a free download.

To find out the date and time of upcoming meetings, contact members of the leadership team:Bill McNeil, Teri Flam-Goldberg, Vance Archer or Nelson Stover.